How to wear your mask?

Wash / Disinfect your hands before
touching any part of the mask

Pick up the mask by the elastic

Place you chin in the chin cup

Pull the elastic over your head or

Secure the nose wire by pinching
it over and against
your face

How to remove your mask?

Wash / Disinfect your hands

Grab hold of the elastic head/ear

Remove forward and away from
your face

Place in container and wash/disinfect
your hands

Wash the mask after every use
with warm soapy water and
ensure it’s completely dry before

How to prevent fogging?

How to replace your filter?

How to wash your mask?

Wash your mask after every use and ensure it is completely dry before reuse.

Wash in warm soapy water for at least one minute, then rinse with clean water to remove any soap smells and hang to dry.